How did Connecting Language and Art come to be?

After a stroke in 2013, Adrienne Yorink's mother's brain was affected in the expressive and receptive language center. It was an exceptionally challenging time for Adrienne and her family to witness her mother go from an intelligent, witty conversationalist to a woman struggling with basic communication. Adrienne was actively involved in her mother's therapy and researched any tools that she could to find help her mother regain her language skills. Because she couldn't find any books dedicated to helping adults overcome aphasia, she ended up purchasing dozens of children's books. While this helped, it was demeaning to her mother's intelligence and made the recovery process a bit harder.

Once Connie Guarneri began working with Adrienne's mother as a speech therapist, her recovery progressed. Connie understood the frustration with the lack of adult-specific aphasia workbooks. Together she and Adrienne collaborated on Connecting Language and Art bringing together Adrienne's creativity with Connie's deep experience in helping people with aphasia. The result is a workbook that synthesizes art, creativity, and the elements of language to help individuals recover from aphasia and regain their expressive and receptive language.

Connie L. Guarneri, Speech-Language Pathologist

Connie is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Connie then completed her Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Florida.  Her training included internships at Shands Teaching Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.  Connie holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in the state of Florida.  She is a recipient of the ACE award (2014) for continuing education via ASHA.  With sixteen years of experience, she has worked extensively with adults in rehabilitation for speech, language and swallowing disorders.  Her clinical experience is diversified in multiple settings including acute care, trauma, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation as well as long-term care.  Connie currently practices in Jupiter, Florida.

Connie Guarneri SLP
Adrienne Yorinks

Adrienne Yorinks, Artist

Adrienne is a writer, illustrator, textile designer, and fiber artist. She has exhibited her work all over the United States as well as Japan, France, Russia, Israel, and Canada. She is included in the permanent collections of Baruch College, New York, NY, Sony Metreon, San Francisco, CA, and the AFL-CIO, Washington, DC. She has written and or illustrated several books including, Stand For Children, by Marian Wright Edelman, The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog, by Eugene O’Neill, The Alphabet Atlas, by Arthur Yorinks, Quilt of States, and My Travels with Capts. Lewis and Clark by George Shannon, by Kate McMullen.

Her awards and honors include An Arts Merit Award from Georgia Council on the Arts; Best Statement Quilt of the Century finalist, International Quilt Festival, 1999, for quilt, “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”; Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young People selection, National Council for the Social Studies/Children’s Book Council, 2000, for The Alphabet Atlas by Arthur Yorinks; Parent’s Choice Award and National Parenting Publications Award, both 2003, for Quack! by Arthur Yorinks; Storytelling World Resource Awards Honor Book selection and Skipping Stones Honor award, both 2012 for Hummingbirds; Quilt of States, was chosen to be part of the 28th Annual Book Fair and Author’s Night at the National Press Club, November 2005.   She was named an Honorary Texan in 2001 for her work with Texas Libraries. She is the subject of two biographies on her work, Adrienne Yorinks Fabric Magic (Florence Biennale) and The Studio Quilt, No. 12: Adrienne Yorinks, by Sandra Sider. She lives in Florida with her amazing dog, Calloway.