Born out of experience and love, Connecting Language and Art is the first book that aims to use art to supplement professional speech therapy for adults suffering from Aphasia.

Aphasia is a language disorder caused by injury or deterioration to language center of the brain. People who suffer from Aphasia may have trouble finding the right words or sentences to communicate with people, even though their intelligence is not diminished by the disorder.

Listening comprehension (receptive language) can be affected by aphasia as well. An individual may not be able to understand what a doctor or loved one is asking them. Even if they do understand, they may find it hard to answer even simple yes or no questions due to this disorder. This can be very frustrating and challenging for the person with aphasia, and for their loved ones as well.

How Can Connecting Language and Art Help?

Speech therapists often use workbooks as a supplement to help Aphasia patients practice speech and language tasks. However, most available workbooks are at a kindergarten level which can be humiliating for an adult working through this disorder. Connecting Language and Art presents custom artwork designed for all ages.

Each chapter contains art focused on a specific country, with correlating speech and language exercises. The workbook is designed to begin at the basic level and gradually increase in complexity.

About the Authors

Connecting Language and Art is the collaboration of two gifted professionals in their respective fields. Visit the "Meet the Authors" to learn more about Connie and Adrienne.

Connie Guarneri SLP

Connie Guarneri, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Adrienne Yorinks

Adrienne Yorinks

Artist and Author

How to Get the Book

Connecting Language and Art can be purchased for use in your practice or therapy from several booksellers.